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Tenuta Velette


Tenuta Le Velette EDITING | WEB SITE | PHOTOSHOOTING FRAMEWORK The winery Tenuta Le Velette has been producing wine in Orvieto for over 150 years on a territory that for millennia has been chosen for agriculture thanks to the extraordinary qualities. OUR WORK IdeeADV has curated the website, communication on social networks and editorial [...]

New Diffusion


New Diffusion WEB SITE | SOCIAL MEDIA FOR THE SAME CUSTOMER Editing and Foto >  FRAMEWORK New Diffusion manufactures textile products made entirely in Italy, with quality and attention to detail. His workshop produces canisters, children's items, Christmas collections, environmental perfumers and artisanal soaps. OUR WORK IdeeADV has been responsible for the [...]



Prosilas Rapid Prototyping  WEB SITE | PHOTOSHOOT | SOCIAL MEDIA OTHER FOR PROSILAS Stand for Exhibit Lione >  Editing and Foto > FRAMEWORK Prosilas has been working in the field of rapid prototyping since 2003 and for years has collaborated with the major automotive, lighting industry and large companies in [...]

Barlozzini Interior Design


PHOTOSHOOTING - WEB SITE - SOCIAL MEDIA FRAMEWORK Barlozzini Interior is a company that has been operating in the furniture market for about sixty years, characterizing itself for its care and professionalism towards the customer. OUR WORK IdeeADV has been involved in photo shoots in the three Exhibitions, and new strategies to strengthen [...]